Zeppelin Artwork

Via my friend Nick’s blog I found the following magnificient artwork by Remton. Please pay him a visit his page on Deviant Art. It is titled “Luftflotte” and this says it all:

"Luftflotte" by Rempton

"Luftflotte" by Rempton

Just notice the details, the woman (possibly a pilot) is wearing a headband with an Iron Cross and the Zeppelin (very futuristic, I am impressed) is flying the colours of the Kaiserliche Kriegsmarine.

And for those of you who are more of  piraty persuasion, there is something in Rempton’s gallery for you, too:

Pirate Zeppelin Armada

"Armada" by Renton"

Notice these Zeppelins appear to be a good deal more low-tech than the mighty Imperial Zeppelin in the first picture. Easy prey (BWAHAHAHAHAHA!) for the mighty Imperial Air Navy…

Anyway… Please saunter over to Deviant Art and take a look at Remton’s gallery!