The Art of Christopher Mark Perez

A few days ago I came across some stunningly beautiful photographs of the Brooklyn Roundhouse in sepia on Flickr. When checking the other photographs in the corresponding fotostream, I was delighted to not only see some more industrial photography but also a substantial number of steampunk-themed photographic art and some stunning tribal belly dance images.

The artist behind all this is, you may have guessed, Christopher Mark Perez. Please saunter over to his various abodes on the ætherweb. There is, as I said, a fotostream on Flickr and his homepage, the latter also leads you to all his other sites.

But now, here are just a few samples of Mr. Perez’ work:

Two photographs taken at Brooklyn Roundhouse:

A beautiful photo of a rain engine at Brooklyn Roundhouse

Brooklyn Roundhouse

The beautiful tribal belly-dancer Nagasita:

The dancer Nagasita

And of course, Steampunk imagery:

Gentleman with raygun, goggles and cap

A Steampunk Gentleman, ready for adventure

Steampunk Kali

Steampunk Kali

and finally, something spooky this way comes:

Spooky Steampunk Phantom

Spooky Steampunk Phantom

So, I hope I wheted your appetite, now please check out the other works of Christopher Mark Perez. But bring some time, his collection is rather extensive and every single piece is worth a look.

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