Steampunk the Comic

In the dark, hidden corners of the ætherweb, sometimes you find  hints of forgotten things, tales no longer told and art no longer appreciated.

One of these forgotten works of art is a graphic novel/comic which ran from 2000 to 2002. Alas, it did not attract many readers and thus was cancelled before it could finish its planned run. The comic in question was called Steampunk, you guessed it, I guess, and featured a particular dark and dystopian setting.

The Cover of "Steampunk" the Comic

Steampunk, the Comic. Cover of Issue 1

I have not had the opportunity to look into the comic myself, so far, though I will make an effort to get at least one issue. From what I heard, the storytelling is non-linear and confusing, maybe a little like Lovecraft’s in his tale “The Silver Key”. But I refrain from repeating other people’s judgements whilst being unable to form my own opinion in this matter.

To give you a very brief synopsis: The story centers around a poor fisherman by the name of Cole Blaquesmith who gets tricked by the mad genius Mortimer Absinthe into helping him create a time-machine. Armed with knowledge from the future, Absinthe makes himself immortal ruler of Britain and creates a horrible, oppressive London where life is cheap and short, especially of you are poor.

Cole, who literally had his heart ripped out by Absinthe but does not die, becomes his adversary in an attempt to save the future and stop Absinthe.

This whole tale appears to be too dystopian a comic to be enjoyable for me, I have a more optimistic, proto-utopian view on Steampunk, but it still triggers my interest.
As a connoisseur  of good graphic noels, especially rare ones, I will try to find an issue of this one and add it to my collection. It was also mentioned that the graphic artist behind Steampunk, Chris Bachalo, has a very detailed and intricate style with lots of things to find in an image, so this is also of quite some interest to me, too. Oh, I nearly forgot, the writer of Steampunk (comic) is Joe Kelly, whose work also includes such memorable characters as Marvel Comics‘ Deadpool.

So lets see if I manage to get an issue into my well-manicured claws one of these days…