Recommended Blog: The Miskatonic Archive

Today I want to point your inquisitive eyes on another fine blog. It shares many common themes with mine, only the focus is shifted.

On The Traveler’s Steampunk Blog you find Steampunk and Dieselpunk with a side-dish of Cthulhu Mythos Goodness, at The Miskatonic Archive, you find great resources about Lovecraft , the Cthulhu Mythos with considerable Steampunk for variety.
The Miskatonic Archive: dark lovecraftian steampunk and neovictorian silliness

The Blog and the whole website are beautifully in tune with the feel of Lovecrafts work and also looks rather pulp on first glance (i.i. the flickerging The Miskatonic Archive headline), which is only natural, Lovecraft was active during the Golden Age of Pulp after all.

Both The Miskatonic Archive and my blog share a appreciation of the art of Myke Amend, which is rather unsurprising, given the brilliance of his work, and both take the Cthulhu Mythos with quite some humor.

The entirety of The Miskatonic Archive is rather extensive, with a variety of media, starting at the Blog and continuing via original fiction to videos to art. Myke Amend is not the only featured artist, you’ll see.

So please, do as Cthulhu did when he was chasing the Alert. Slide greasily over to The Miskatonic Archive and revel in the horror and steampunkness that will come crawling into your brain right through your eyes.