Jerk Syndrome in the Wild

Yesterday, my wife and me went on a long-ish train journey to beautiful Regensburg. Coincidentally, my wife did her M.A. in history there, but that’s not the point. The actual reason we went there is that two very good friends of ours got married (to each other, obviously).

It was a very beautiful, sunny and rather hot day, the bride looked stunning, all the men were sweating in their suits, including myself and:

I got the opportunity to observe a severe case of Jerk Syndrome in the wild. If you are not familiar with Terry Pratchett’s excellent novel Thud, you probably think of a medical condition involving involuntary movements. That’s not what it is. The theory behind Pratchett’s Jerk Syndrome states something like that:

“Any sufficiently attractive and classy woman will end up dating a complete jerk, since any half-decent man with half a brain will not approach her, because he thinks she is far out of his league.”

Now, let me explain. The bride and the groom have on previous occasions mentioned one of the groom’s sisters. The girl was supposedly a real stunner, a head-turner and an over all great and fun person. We have met her now, we agree. We have met her boyfriend, he is a complete and utter jerk.

OK, so he drives this car that is so heavily modified, it looks like it was supposed to look like something out of The Fast and the Furious, it does not. It lacks style. It looks like a small-town version of it. Which is exactly what it is. What really did it for me, though was the “No fat chicks” sticker and his declaration he would pick his car when given the choice between it and his girlfriend. To treat such a jewel like this and pick a non-classy poser car instead, what a jerk!
Bride and groom both agree to my wife’s and mine assessment of the situation…

Ah well… Anyway…

On the way back we took the Alex (Alex are a number of privately operated trains, they do not belong to the Deutsche Bahn, thank Cthulhu!) and that was quite lucky, because our train engine was actually quite piece of art:

Everything you see here is painted on, including the nuts and bolts you see. I was quite amazed when I first saw it while walking past at Munich Central Station.

And the last two I took while looking out of the train. OK, it is not quite like the Orient Express, but at least the temperature (36°C, 96,8°F) was reminiscent of travelling to Istanbul by train…

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