Russian Dieselpunk Art

It is always so great to see great concept art such as this one:

210609 – NFZ A2 by *600v on deviantART

Loooks like something that is equally at home on the road and in the sky, doesn’t it?

And again, it is  coming out of Russia. I highly recommend you go and take a look at 600v’s gallery, you can find the link above. Most of his art is technology-related with a few human (or almost human) sprinkled in for variety.
But, I shall concentrate on the plenty Dieselpunk related pieces, so here is another one:

240410 – nfz heavy vanship 2 by *600v on deviantART

Somewhat menacing, I think, and very cool looking in deed. It is a real shame I have no talent for graphic art at all. I guess my teachers are partly to blame, but this would be too long a story.

I wonder if I could run this blog on art only. I guess it would be possible but then again, there is so much else on the Ætherweb and outside the Ætherweb (yes, there is actually a world and a life available outside the Ætherweb) concerning Steampunk that deserves notice.

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