Zeppelin Music

I should have done this article a long time ago. I had the idea a couple of times but for some reason I never got round doing it, i.e. putting it on my Steampunk Blog.

So here we go, a collection of music and (provisional, in some cases) music videos, all in some connection to Zeppelins and, of course, airships.

Let’s start with the “Zeppelin Marsch”, the idea alone… A fleet of Zeppelins flying in formation to this piece of music:

Next, a 1930’s short animation with a fitting song to go with it: Come take a trip in my airship

News just in: The following two marches were used when Zeppelins took off or landed. This information is courtesy of my good friend Luftschiffharry.

Der Fliegermarsch (from the opera Der Fliegende Rittmeister, premiere 1912):

And a fun one, also historically accurate but in retrospect more than a little bit funny:
Alle Vögel sind schon da (version performed by a Japanese soprano)

Of course, not only the Germans have marches… If any of you know a propper “Airship March” for the US or Royal Airforce, let me know. For now, here’s a regular Royal Airforce March:

Oh, and another thing:
Gelbes Band der Solidarität