Some more on the Ratte

While skimming across the waves of the Æthernet in my relentless search for blogging-material I came across yet another artist’s impression of the Landkreuzer Ratte:

P-1000 Ratte

Landkreuzer P-1000 Ratte(Click for original size)

Excellent work, Cudos to Von Brrr. Von Brrr also has a number of other impressions of experimental vehicles in his gallery, so take a look.

And another thing which makes me particularly happy:

As a Zeppelin aficionado I was quite delighted when I received the following:

Zeppelin Pin

Granted, it is a replica but it is close enough to the original for my tastes (and wallet). I am hunting for a fitting hat now. As it appears, though, this will be a more costly enterprise.