Steampunk Alice

After posting the article on Sucker Punch, I suddenly remembered this weird-victorianesque computer game American McGee’s Alice, I played it some time in 2000:

Just look at the graphics, they were state of the art back then but they look, well, outdated now. Anyway, I was quite surprised and pleased to find out a sequel is in the making right now after browsing the ætherweb for a while. Amongst other things I stumbled upon the following image which supposedly is concept art for the sequel, titled Alice: Madness Returns:

Steampunk Alice Concept Art

Concept Art with Steam-powered Snail

This looks like there are Steampunk elements in the sequel, maybe it is even going to be rather Steampunk. Who knows. What it is most definitely going to be is creepy. American McGee’s Alice was already rather creepy, so this one has the poetential of being even more creepy, and it is also going to be weird-victorian again.
It is almost a shame I will not have the time to play this game, because in two weeks, yes, Friday the 13th, our family will receive a most welcome addition.

For now, I leave you with a very short trailer for Alice: Madness Returns:

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