Mythos Musical Equipment

The following photo appeared on the Ætherweb quite a while ago. Rumor has i it was first twittered by Neil Gaiman. Could be… I guess he has ways to access the darker corners of the cosmos.

In any case, I guess this, errh.. Cthulele? proves that the dancers and players at Azathoth’s court have actually learned new skills. Now they are not only piping, they can also use chordophones:

Cthulele(?) - Iä!

So, I guess we should all catch ourselves a Shantak, take a ride to the center of the universe and get down and party like there is no tomorrow (which is most likely going to be the case, judging from Azathoth’s temperament and the singular hungers and thirsts of his courtiers, larvae and of course, everybody’s favourite incarnation of chaos and confusion: Nyarlathotep).