The Art of Jessica van Hulle

This blog is a little virtual biotope of its own. There are things going on I did not expect when I started two years ago and who knows where this will all lead to in the end…

Ever since I installed the Tweet-meme button, I started looking at the people who tweeted and retweeted my entries. This way Elvira Afterthought and the things she tweets about caught my attention and this way I discovered Jessica von Hulle and her art.

The website boldly states:

Jessica is the premier steampunk painter of the Los Angeles and San Francisco low-brow art movement.

I cannot really judge that, I do not know any other examples (please point them out to me if any of you do, I currently don’t have the time to do the research, there’s a little boy on the way…) but what I see is quite wonderful.

Take for example this one (all rights belong to Jessica van Hulle, obviously):

Lady Rocketeer "Jane" by Jessica van Hulle

Absolutely gorgeous Steampunk adventuress! And there is a whole series with a most definite Steampunk theme over at Jessica’s site and some of those Stemapunk images are also quite steamy, but see for yourselves.

Jessica van Hulle obviously has more to show than “just” a gallery of Steampunk art. Her range is quite impressive. When you check out her site, bring a little time, too.

And: Be warned, some of her art is most definitely not completely safe for work.