LZ 10 Schwaben

Since my current place of residence, Augsburg, is situated in the region of Swabia, German: Schwaben, so it is only good and proper I do a little article on LZ 10 Schwaben, the first Zeppelin in commercial use:

LZ 10 Schwaben

LZ 10 Schwaben

LZ 10 Schwaben was not only the first commercially used Zeppelin, it was also the first passenger aircraft that made a profit during its operational history. Schwaben flew a total of about 45,000 kilometers during 364 flights.

Like all German Zeppelins, LZ 10 Schwaben was filled with hydrogen for lift which, in a drastic foreshadowing of the Hindenburg Desaster, proved to be her undoing.

While anchored outside a hangar in Düsseldorf on June 28th 1912, gale-force winds put so much stress on her that her internal structure broke and the sparks from the breaking metal ignited the hydrogen, and Schwaben went down in flames, just three weeks short of her first year in service.

Noone was killed though, according to various reports, some soldiers at the base were injured. Schwaben was carrying neither passengers nor crew at the time of the accident.

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