Steampunk Compatible Music and Birthdays

Already a while back, there was a thread on the Brassgoggles Forum, where we discussed Steampunk Music, music we would like to see, that is, hear, in a Steampunk context and the music we were listening to in general.

In this thread, a few participants, including myself, agreed, that Steampunk was missing a band with a sound like Iron Maiden,i.e. British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM, that is).

I am under the impression that Heavy Metal per se is relatively well-liked by Steampunks. If you look at the parent-subcultures, this only appears natural.


The reason this popped into my mind is that Iron Maiden released their new album, The Final Frontier, on Friday the 13th 2010, the birthday of my son.

So I thought: Hang on, one of my favourite bands is releasing a new album on my son’s birthday… I’ve got to get my hands on it! One day I will show it to him and say: “This is the album of your birthday.”

My first Iron Maiden album was Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (yes, I am that old…), and it remains my favourite, even after listening to The Final Frontier. None the less, The Final Frontier is an excellent album and the bonus material (of course I downloaded the Deluxe Vesion) is splendid! My curren favourite song is The Alchemist. I have not have time to listen too deeply into it, I have other concerns right now…

But I might post a complete review of it on a later date.

Anyway, Friday the 13th 2010 was definietly a good day in more than one way!

I leae you with an album cover that now reminds me very much of a vision of Nepren-Ka and Nyarlathotep…

Iron Maden - Powerslave