Steampunk Art – Chinese Motives

This one is courtesy of my friend Daliah Jane of Upon a Midnight Dreary who was kind enough to point my inquisitive eye towards the Art of James Ng.

This is a quite unique take on the Steampunk theme, blending something that could have been taken out of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and was woven in with a sizable amount of Steampunk strands.

I was also particularily pleased to find the following image titled “Scheming Squid”, not Steampunk, but Cthulhuesque:

Scheming Squid

Scheming Squid by James Ng

then there is this very powerful painting “Immortal Empress”, it reminds me of my days working for Games Workshop. The Emperor’s Golden Throne comes to mind:

Immortal Empress

Immortal Empress by James Ng

And of course, this entry would not be complete with the following painting of what really deserves the term Dragonship:

Imperial Airship

Imperial Airship by James Ng

I find those artistic visions of James Ng very inspiering. So far, the Steampunk technology and art was very much western industrialist, even those comming out of Russia, but James Ng’s art gives Steampunk a whole new twist.

What would an engagement between this magnificent Imperial Airship and a Zeppelin be like? How would an envoy of Queen Victoria feel if faced with the Immortal Empress? There are so many ideas swirling through my head right now.
Why don’t you float over to James Ng’s Art and let yourselves be inspired?

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