More Steampunk Toys

Credits to Timo once more for sending me a most interesting and very useful link.

So, there is a line of toys around, called the

Mechtorians Logo

a most splendid line of toys and assorted artwork. At the Mechtorians Emporium the toy-line and various other goodies are available and I have to say: I am most tempted in deed, to order one or two items.

But then again, my son is far too small right now to appreciate such a toy (and piece of art) and in the end, it will be daddy, who is playing with it anyway…

So I leave the Mechtorians on my radar for now and should my son actually turn out to be interested in Steampunk, I can always get him one of these toys.

And by the way: There is another octopoid example where Cthulhu meets Steampunk. I do not know if it was intended, but Stephan Le Podd looks so much like… Well, see for yourselves:

Stephan Le Podd

And now, please go and pay those lovely Mechtorians a visit!

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