Weather Noir

I like summer, it is my favourite time of the year. Right now, it seems that summer in Germany is coming to an end. This year’s summer has been rather wierd. First it was rather cool, then it was really hot and finally it was rather rainy. Right now it seems like the first autumnal storm is upon us and the rain is coming down in buckets outside. Which brings me to todays main point:

Foggy CityAutumn is the perfect weather for the dapper Dieselpunk. It is the perfect weather to wear a trenchcoat and a fedora (I’ve got a black and a dark chocolate coloured one) and get into the Film Noir mood.
I like walking the streets of a town when it is foggy outside, with the collar of my tenchcoat turned up and, if possible, with a smoking pipe in the corner of my mouth. Yes, sometimes I like to revel in personifying a bad cliché.

Besides, autumn simply is the most noir of the seasons. And for someone coming out of the Goth Scene and with a slightly pagan background, autumn has the added benefit of containing Halloween.

I can now also again safely wear a suit without turning into a walking sponge by early afternoon, which is a definite bonus for someone who prefers wearing suits in the office. Yes, I am completely aware that this has fallen out of style, but I guess I would not write this blog if I would be too oncerned regarding what is fashionable now.

So, I am once again looking foreward to a season of the year, when I can more easily wear cool gear and stay cool at the same time.