Recommended Blog: Eclectic Ephemera

Once more I want to direct you, my dear readers, towards another fellow blogger whose work I find of particular interest. This time it is Eclectic Ephemera, as the name suggests, it is a rather eclectic collection of ephemeral things.

But: There is a definite trend apparent in all the things on Eclectic Ephemera and that is Vintage. As he states in his profile, Bruce Partington-Plans is particularly fascinated by the 1920’s and 1930’s which reflects in his blog. You find a lot about steam trains, silent movies, vintage cars, famous actors of the periods and related topics there.

He is also quick to introduce his readers to occasions, when elements of the aforementioned times bleed into modern culture. One example I found of special interest is his post about a motoring-themed hotel in Stuttgart, Germany, with a Zeppelin-suite (yes!)

Plus: Mr. Partington-Plans is a fellow zeppelin aficionado anyway!

Another delightful one is the article about Britain’s oldest stunt pilot, who flew during World War 2 and now pilots a SE5A First World War fighter biplane:

SE5A First World War fighter biplane

So I hope I have tingled your curiosity, now please pay Eclectic Ephemera a visit.

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