Steampunk your home

Who would have thought it, in lovely Massachusetts (my second favourite state of the US, right after Connecticut) there is a company which specialises in redisigning your abode’s interior…

Steampunk Style!

I would not go so far as to have my entire home redesigned in such a way, but the thought of maybe having a study or the kitchen redesigned and have it look something like this:

is rather intriguing… Alas, the finances and over all feasability of such a project are an entirely different chapter. The fact of me living in a house listed as a historical monument would very likely also interfere with wide-ranging modifications. Oh well, one can still dream, after all, that’s part of Steampunk, too.

Oh, I forgot, the company in question is ModVic (i.e. Modern Victorian). If you happen to live in the general area of Sharon, MA, you can probably arrange a tour of the Steampunked house containing the rooms pictured above.

I guess I should keep the adress in mind, one day we will all go to the US again. My Connecticut Mom wants to see her grandchild and when we go to Connecticut, we will be somewhat in the area…

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