This time it's war

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 14 has been released today and its topic is once more on the serious side: War

In it you will find tips for the military Steampunk look, observations concerning technologies coming out of wars and which changed all our lives in a positive way. Apart from war-themed essays, there is obviously more. There’s an excerpt from a book on Nellie Bly and a really interesting report on Steampunk and Dieselpunk things and places in Trieste.

Speaking of the essay on Trieste, I almost always enjoy the Gazette’s regular collumn Local Steampunk the most. It really shows that Steampunk is a worldwide phenomenon and you get insider information on a place you likely have never been and you get it from a native or someone who has been there frequently. Just like in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

In any case, get your helmet and your rifle, go into your pillbox and read the latest Gatehouse Gazette, but do not let your sergeant catch you…

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 14

Gatehouse Gazette Issue 14

PS: The guy on the cover could be the cousin of: