More Steampunk Interior Design

This one comes in through my friend and former colleague from my Games Workshop Days, Jens.

So there are more companies offering Steampunk interiors for their customers. In this particular case, the company in question is Because We Can, they specialize in custom furniture and interior design. Their range is quite impressive. The Steampunk Office was the one Geff sent to me, but it does not end their.

They also got Dieselpunk and Noir designs and other, more modern furnishing, obviously. Their customers range from Wikimedia (yes, them) to Emily the Strange.

Why is it that all those cool innovative companies are located in the US? I mean, I know there are quite a few talented smiths over here, turning out medieval arms and armor like it’s going out of style but we are definitely lacking Steampunk and Dieselpunk craftspeople. If I am mistaken, please point me towards their ætherweb abodes.

In any case, here are some image of the work of Because We Can:

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