Iron Grip: Marauders (Beta) Review

A few weeks back, as reported on this blog, I was invited to join the Iron Grip: Marauders community and test the game. Family matters had me occupied so I did not really get around playing the game until last week. I dived right into the game and have thus far spent a little too much time there, which explains the state of my desk and the pile of laundry.

But now, let me loose a few words on the most excellent game Iron Grip: Marauders.

Iron Grip: Marauders in a nutshell is a turn-based skirmish-themed online strategy game set against a Steampunk background.

Going into some more detail it is a highly addictive fun strategy game, everyone who loved the good old Panzer General series and its heirs will surely enjoy.

Apart from the skirmishes, which provide the action, there is plenty of science and economics, you have to carefully manage your ressources (gold, iron, stone and wood, the latter is old automatically and turned into gold) and balance research, base expansion and military built-up.

Graphics, I cannot really compare since I have not played any MMOGs or MMORPGs with great graphics recently, but I think Iron Grip: Marauders features excellent graphics. Animation during battles is smooth and detailed. The explosions are darkly beautiful and the off-battle images (units, buildigs, the world) are pieces of art.
The battle-maps including buildings are beautifully rendered and convey the feel of the world to the player. I am particularly impressed with the little details, like the steampunk combine-harvester and the tracked school bus.

Sound effects are not so many in range, but fitting and well done (again, I cannot really compare, but they have about the same range than the Panzer General series).

What impressed me the most,though, was the ease with which the game drew me into it. I find it fascinating and hard to log-off once I start playing. So my advice is: If you choose to join, which I obviously recommend, bring some time, you will need it.

Oh, yes, the dark time of the year is approaching, at least in the northern hemisphere. Iron Grip: Marauders is a excellent choice to spend your time during long winter nights. You can warm yourselves on the beautifuly annimated explosions of your shells and the burning wrecks of enemy vehicles.

So, if you like turn based strategy games, join Iron Grip: Marauders (Beta). It might take a while until the admin clears you, but it is well worth the wait.

And then bring some time to play, because the game will hold you in its grip!

Iron Grip: Marauders - Join the Beta

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