Strategically placed Zeppelin Base

Sometimes I think the Great Air Kraken™ blessed our choice of abode in the fair city of Augsburg.
Augsburg Coat of ArmsWithin walking distance there’s a proper clockmaker with his own workshop. In my parent’s house, there is an old, pre-Great War pocket watch that I plan to take there one day and get it repaired.
Just next door, there’s a proper old-school tailor, a venerable Turkish gentleman, who is very friendly and also knows all the old tricks the service-staff in a department store would never come up with. In fact, he just changed my slightly to tight Prussian blue breeches, so now they fit properly and I have another piece of comfy Steampunk gear.

Further, there are more than a handfull of antiques shops (one next door, about half a dozen within 5 minutes walk and I guess the number rises almost logarithmically with the distance). Quite a few of those carry quite a selection of clockwork pieces and also military paraphrenalia. I was actually just about to purchase a rather worn-looking Iron Cross for my uniform (a bit of a sacrilege, I know, you should not wear medals you did not earn, but it’s better than having them rust away somewhere) when I noticed it was from the wrong war and carried a certain additional symbol… Obviously, this does not fit my uniform at all. Temporal and polito-philosophical differences.

One of these days I have to put on my goggles and scout those shops for usable and possibly still working objects within my budget. Maybe I even find an old camera or a still usable pair of frames. Let’s see what treasures await discovery.

PS: For some obscure reason, I made it into the Top 20 of the Iron Grip Marauders Leaderboard… Oh my…