The Youngest Abney Park Fan

Well. what can I say. Like father, like son.

My little son was six weeks old last Friday and already he is showing much promise in various departments. Just a few minutes ago he displayed excellent taste in music.

Let me elaborate, the Little Piranha (I will tell on a different occasion how he got that nickname) was a  little cranky this evening. Music usually helps in this matter, as we have already learned. He has already shown to like both Indica and The Sisters of Mercy, so I thought “Let’s try some Abney Park!”

I started iTunes, selected Abney Park and danced around the room in tune. Pretty soon, my little airship pirate was not cranky anymore but rather cooing and gargling happily with the occasional smile for good measure.

So, Abney Park have a new fan and a particular sweet and charming one on top of that!

Oh, and here the two songs he particularly enjoyed: