A Steampunk Game in the early Stages

Just yesterday I was contacted by Mister Joel Carlson, asking whether I could feature the Steampunk game he is developing on my blog.
SInce you are now reading this article, you can probably guess the answer…
The game in question is

Dusty Sprocket

The central character, Dusty Sprocket, is the sheriff in a sleepy little town where nothing ever happens, until something rather drastic happens… And this is where the game begins.

As I said, the game is still under development but it looks really promising in deed and will very likely be a lot of fun. Judging from the graphics and the depiction of the characters, it will also be on the light-hearted side:

Dusty from Dusty Sprocket

Dusty from Dusty Sprocket


Dixie from Dusty Sprocket

I guess it’s a safe bet to say the game will be on the light-hearted side. I wonder when it will be finished, alas, as far as I could tell, it seems to be a one-man project, but at least the blog gets updated regularly with at least one preview, so I can keep up to date.

Oh, and lest I forget Joel has another website featuring his art. Please float over and check it out.

And finally, here’s a little preview video: