Observations from the Fringe of the Oktoberfest

So, another Oktoberfest has come and gone and I have once more avoided any sort of participation.

However, I had plenty opportunity observing the common Oktoberfest drunkard in the wild. It is almost unbelievable, the sub-basement level certain members of Pan narrans reach once sufficient levels of alcohol are involved.
Granted, having studied anthropology, it was rather interesting to observe the horror that unfolded but as a Steampunk of the gentlemanly persuasion, I find the displayed behaviour rather shocking and hardly bearable.
What I found particularly annoying was the presence of several drunken gaggles of common Oktoberfest visitors (Orc bavaricus) on the train going into Munich around 10 a.m.

And all these severe cases of severe pseudo-tradition… All of a sudden, everybody in Munich is wearing Dirndl or Lederhosen, no matter if they are actual Bavarians or not, and after the big Bavarian party is over, this “traditional” garb (I guess a pink Dirndl is hardly something traditional, neither are Lederhosen with glitter on them. Don’t ask!) is stored away again, not to see the light of day again until next year, just to serve in another feeble display of something which is considered traditional but is really nothing more than getting drunk while wearing an ethno-costume (pretty much like carnival, come to think of it.
Just now (00:39 on the train back to Augsburg), a rather imposing and rather drunk metalhead felt the urgent need to do an impromptu and rather loud and bad Erich Honecker impersonation, may the Allmighty Airkraken protect us.

Oh well, and the horror will return next year…

And in completely other news: As of today, Germany has been united (again) for 20 years. Last time the re-unification lasted from  1871 to 1945. Let’s see how long we manage this time.