Kung Fu Steampunk Ninjas

Hmmm… Looks like ther is another movie with Steampunk elements coming up and it looks rather promising:

The Warrior’s Way

I just hope the ninjas are not too much of a lame clichee and the noble warriors are not too noble. There is absolutely nothing to say about a bit tongue-in-cheek play with stereotypes, as long as it is not meant to be serious.

In any case, the trailer bodes well and I am looking forward to the movie being released. I guess I can also collect the usual suspects for a night at the cinema.

Oh, since The Warrior’s Way is set in the Weird West, there’s something else regarding Steampunk in the United States and it almost makes me regret not getting US television, but only almost:

Isn’t that great? Serenity’s Captain Reynolds has fallen through a Space-Time Nexus, joined the NYPD and now meets the Steampunks… Life truly is weird and wonderful!