For the discerning Steampunk Lady

Although James Brown famously sang “It’s a man’s world”, there are certain areas where being female is definitely of advantage.
One of those areas is fashion. No matter whether I browse the ætherweb in general searching for Steampunk gear or go to more specialised sites like Etsy, the choice for humans of the male persuasion is always far outclassed both qualitatively and quantitatively by the choice offered to ladylike humanoids.

A very fine example for a vendor of excellent headgear for the discerning Steampunk lady is Topsy Turvy Design.

This truely is a piece of art that just happens to be wearable as a hat. So, if you are a discerning Steampunk lady or you know one who would appreciate a piece of fashionable, wearable art, saunter over through the ætherweb and pay Topsy Turvy Design a visit.

And if any of you are in possession of information regarding comparable ætherweb abodes specialising in gear for gentlemen, drop me a line. I am aware of The Steampunk Emporium and The Chap, so those two do not need to be pointed out to me.

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