When Comics influence Science

This post is all about the celebration of science and humor.

In 1982, Gary Larson drew the following cartoon:

The Original Thagomizer

The term thagomizer has since weasled its way into proper scientific publications and is (amongst other places) mentioned in this excellent Skeptoid episode. The whole story behind it is summed up in this cartoon better than I ever could:

The Thagomizer has entered science

As Steampunks, we often find ourselves on the weird side of life, more often than not by choice and design. The story of the Thagomizer demonstrates that there is a lot more weird (and wonderful) stuff out there, from weird ideas (the original thagomizer in the comic strip) to weird influences (the adoption of the term thagomizer into paleontology).

So after all, we are not that weird, we just put our focus of weirdness elsewhere. Oh my, I guess I am rambling again.