More of James Ng's Art

As you may recall, I did a little thing on the powerful, very unique art of James Ng a few weeks back. Now imagine my delight when I opened my Æthermail inbox today to find a message from the master himself!

Even better, he thanked me for my positive review (nothing to thank me, really, James, you did all the great work, after all, I’m merely a blogger) and provided me with no less than six images of his latest creation, the Key Keeper – In my oppinion, it’s every Steampunk Necromancer’s dream…

So without further ado, here’s James Ng’s latest piece of genius (I wish I could paint and draw like that! )

James Ng’s Key Keeper

And please take some time and look really closely at all the tiny details. Also, please take a minute to adore the little kittens!