Deep Ones and The Clockwork Man

While actually not looking for fashion, I came across a company by the name of The Affair which trades in t-shirts. But to say they trade in t-shirts  and leave it at that would be like saying Terry Pratchett writes nice books or H.P. Lovecraft was a horror writer of some note. In other words, it would be a massive understatement. The Affair’s tag-line is fashioned by literature and they are true to that one.

The reason I found them was because I was looking for cool Mythos related things on the ætherweb. You see, I used to have the Miskantonic University Lapel-Pin (the one Chaosium sold a few years back) but I seem to have misplaced or lost it. Sadly, it seems to be out of production.

Anyway, so I came across The Affair. As, I said, they trade in t-shirts, but what wonderful t-shirts these are… They really are perfect amalgams between fashion and classic sci-fi/horror literature.

The one I found first was this one, inspired by Lovecraft’s The Shadow over Innsmouth:

Deep One T-Shirt

Deep One T-Shirt (click!)

But then I did some more browsing and was most pleasanty surprised by this one:

Fear is the Mindkiller T-Shrit The Affair

Fear is the Mindkiller (click!)

A real shame time in the northern hemisphere is heading towards winter now. Oh well, there might still be a few warmer days in store for us, who knows.

And those two shirts won’t go off, they may sell out but I got mine. So, I am looking foreward to wearing them in spring!

And in other news, James Ng, renowned artist with a selection of steampunk-themed works has pointed me towards The Clockwork Man – The Hidden World:

The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World – Gameplay Trailer from Total Eclipse on Vimeo.

Quite a fascinating, puzzle-based game with beautiful graphics, my wife instantly fell in love with it. So, saunter over and check it out! Beside the game, there are goodies for download and also check out the screenshots!