Thank Gods for Military Dieselpunk Gear

Sky Captain

Sky Captain - The Ultimate Dieselpunk Military Fashion Icon

Thank the Gods (especially Cthulhu) for Army Surplus stores, seriously.

  1. Most of the stuff you get there is durable and reasonably priced.
  2. With a little looking around and the right combination you can get quite the Dielsepunk look.
  3. Most of the stuff is machine-washable and dries reasonably quickly.

The third point has recently become increasingly important. My son is two months and six days old today and he has an uncanny talent to burp when there is no nappy protecting me from certain wet and milky stuff that tends to come along (yep, sounds gross, slightly yukky, I know), fellow parents out there and those who have taken care of younger siblings know what I am talking about. So, since the little guy is a sniper when it comes to hitting Dad’s unshielded garments, I have quite a turnover-rate right now.

So, I have switched from my lately adopted noir style to the military Dieselpunk, because it is far lower maintenance under the current conditions.

Three cheers for miltary surplus stores and the ætherweb (certain stuff is cheaper in the UK or US than it is here, even including customs charges and shipping).

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