And then my mind was blown out

When I checked my emails today, I found a short message from Kevin Mowrer who asked me to take a look at his art and consider it for including it in my blog.

So I went over to Kevin Mowrer’s blog and checked them out. The first thing that cought my eye was the following bit of Mr. Mowrers short biography:

Emmy and Gemini award winning producer, writer, artist/illustrator/designer

so, fingers trembling, I did some research on Mr. Mowrer and then my brain melted… Mr. Mowrer has worked with Warner Brothers, Dreamworks Pictures, Universal and more than a handful other very recognisable companies and now he is working on a story which is quite heavily on the Steampunk side of life, on his blog, he says:

I’ve always been a huge fan of the steampunk aesthetic. It encompasses such a wide range from victorian proper constructs quaintly puttering along to grungy and industrial contraptions and a whole lot more. I’m in the process of rethinking the Frankenstein myth and Steampunk is where I’m drawing inspiration from.

Please, go and read the rest yourselves. Also, check out his material on and about meta-stories and be inspired.

But I digress. Kevin Mowrer has created a number of very powerful, dark and beautiful art to acompany his story concept, some of the best Steampunk art I have seen so far, here are some samples (there is more on his site):

This truely is mindblowing art. The airship reminds me a lot of the imperial warships of Warhammer 40k and the Steampunk Version of the Beast of Baskerville is one of the most evil looking nasties I have encountered in a long time.

The Steampuk Gendarme looks powerful but non-threatening. Just a friendly policeman in a slighly different æther-infused world.

So, I guess I will haunt the various websites of Kevin Mowrer from now on, lurking for news concerning the development of this story.