Recommendations from the Ætherweb

Once again it is time I would like to point you, my dear readers,  to a few places around the ætherweb I frequently visit and I think would be of ininterest to you.

First, there is obviously Clockworker, the premier German language Steampunk website, blog and community.

Clockworker Logo

Although being able to read German helps, there are also links to English websites there and most videos embedded in articles are also English.

In any case, Captain Serenus is putting a lot of effort into his site, so fly over and give him some love.

Next, and it is a real shame I have not mentioned them before, although the link has been on this blog for a while is:

The Gatehouse

Home of the famed Gatehouse Gazette, it is a hub for everything concerning Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Pulp and provides links to quite a number of other interesting and regularly updated sites.

And talking of The Gatehouse Gazette: We are always looking for contributors. So if you would like to write essays on various Steampunk or Dieselpunk themed topics, you are very welcome to join us at The Smoking Lounge, the Gatehouse’s very own forum, and discussion board for Gazette related and other diesel/steam/pulp topics.

Through The Gatehouse, I discovered, quite obviously the Diesepunk center of the web. The articles you find there about real-life technological projects that would fit neatly into any Dieselpunk setting are quite an eye-opener and the site also provides ressources upon ressources from topics ranging from history to re-enactment to, obviously, Dieselpunk. It is also one of the sites to go to if you are looking for Dieselpunk lifestyle tips.

Although it may seem as if I spend my entire leissure time doing Steampunk related stuff in the Ætherweb and the real world, this is not so. I do in deed have other interests, too, and therefore would also like to recommend a science-podcast:

Mandelbrot SUm The Sketic’s Guide to the Universe is a weekly science podcast by the New England Skeptical Society which brings you the latest news refgarding science, pseudo-science, woo-woo and related topics. It is also presented in a very fun to listen to way and each episode has so far managed to surprise me with one of their news-items, like the one about sound-powered fusion (this, by the way, is a terribly inaccurate summary of the actual news, but find out yourselves).

So much for me and today, the little air raid siren is going off again and duty calls. I hope you find my recommendations helpful and if you know or have a site that needs to be shared with the world, drop me a line!