Half a Steampunk Month at Tor.com

Last year, October was Steampunk Month at Tor.com, this year, they probably had a budget cut or could not find enough æther, so it’s only two weeks of Steampunk and we are alread in the middle of it.

Tor.com Steampunk Logo

I am sorry I did not mention it earlier, but there are several constraining elements.

Apat from job and fatherhood, I am also trying to teach the art of using the ætherweb for fun and profit to members of my parent’s and grandparent’s generation. Not an easy task but a very rewarding one. So anyway, Tor.com is featuring several Steampunk articles again, all in the usual Tor-quality and thus very readable, check them out if you have not already done so.

And thanks go to Clockworker for reminding me…