A Pocket Zeppelin

This time, I have to thank both of my main contributors of material to this blog, Timo and Luftschiffharry. Within almost exactly three hours of one another they send me a link via æthermail. They both do not know each other, so this was not a orchastrated event.

What they had to show me was this:

What a cute little golden Zeppelin it is. More exactly, it is The Golden Zeppelini and according to the completely and appropriately weird backstory it was found among the estate of Mussolini.

For more information on The Golden Zeppelini, visit the site of Jon Sarriugarte, the master craftsman behind this little golden marvel!

I will also post about this next door on my German blog, together with some more material Luftschiffharry sent me. If you want to know more about him, by the way, the link to his site is found in the Steampunk column of links on the right hand side.

Final note: This blog supports the “Aktion Gelbe Schleife”. Solidarity with Bundeswehr forces abroad!