Something Creepy

Halloween is almost upon us and apart from promoting and supporting Peter Montgommery’s Steampunk Halloween project, I have done little in the spirit of the season. Until now, that is…

Just in time to get something creepy on my blog I was contacted by Joshua Hoffine who introduced his latest creation to me:


Joshua Hoffin's "Robot"

Now this is what I call creepy. It is one powerfull, horrifying and absolutely excellent piece of photograpic art!

It immediately conjurs up an image of a dystopian city where trodden-down workers live in the sewers beneath, hunted by machines created by mad scientists.

The configuration of this robot makes it even more terrifying. It looks like a spider, like a mechanical drider. The perfect amalgam of Steampunk and black magic.

But now, please pay Mr. Hoffine a visit. There is a lot more gory, horrific imager on his blog, the “Behind the Scenes” of Robot, and a little something concerning H.P. Lovecraft!