Steampunk Dice and a Gear Raffle

Here is another fine example of how many skilled craftsmen are found among the ranks of Steampunk. This time, I want to point you towards Abraham Nedderman and his blog Brassfashion specifically his excellent Steampunk dice:

Steampunk Dice

Granted, Abraham has only started but what is there so far looks promising. I am quite enchanted by the dice and find his custom Steampunk gears also most attractive. Take a look at this nice piece:

Gearbox die

And another thing:  Abraham is currently holding a raffle for the first batch of custom Steampunk gears. So, if you need a few excellent gear parts, participate in his raffle, just visit his blog and leave a comment (the link above leads you directly to it.

The gears in question look like this:

Well, I have already made an entry into the raffle, I have gear that needs some gears.