Steampunk and Skepticism

A few days ago I posted a recommendation concerning the podcast The Skepic’s Guide to the Universe. As you may have gathered from some of my posts and my repeated mention of Skeptoid in several posts, I am a skeptic myself.

I am not really an atheist, in as much as I am a Cthulhu cultist and I have heathen leanings, but I am a science person. Weird science, like he kind you find in Dieselpunk and Steampunk is perfectly alright, woo (as James Randy puts it) is not.

So, besides following various Steampunk and Dieselpunk related sites on the ætherweb, I am also keeping up with a number of skeptic’s blogs, sites and forums. I have also subscribed to a number of related feeds on Twitter. The ætherweb is such a marvelous tool for getting information on so many fascinating things…

I digress again.

Among those sites I regularly visit is Skepchick, the blog of Rebecca Watson, co-host of The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe and her crew, I am also following her on Twitter.

To cut a long story short, I was much delighted to find this image of her on Twitter:

Rebecca Watson goes Steampunk

I think no further explanation is necessary.