Gatehouse Gazette Issue 15

A little late this time, the November issue of the esteemed Gatehouse Gazette:

Gatehouse Gazette #15 (click to download)

Rather fittingly, this November issue is all about spooky subjects, after all, it is the season of the witch… Most interresting, though, I find the essay about feminism in Steampunk. The first example of gender sudies related to the subject I have come across so far. I guess there are some more examples around but I cannot read everything. Only Google can do that.

The issue is also quite heavy on the fashion side, this time also concerning gentlemen, and there are two examples of original fiction included.

A final note, yours truly contibuted the essay on Homunculi, Golems and Robots (Amazing Artificial Anthropoids, because of the astonishing abolutely arbitrary alliteration). Just a few days after sending the draft to Nick Ottens for editing, I received an offer to review a book about just that subject by Dr. Bob Curran. The review will be up shortly. Strange coincidences and dharmatic causality knots…