Neil Gaiman – A Living Legend

Neil Gaiman, a living legend, has graced this planet with his presence for half a century now. On this day in 1960 he delivered his first scream in Portchester, Hampshire, England.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Gaiman!

A portrait of Neil Gaiman, taken in 2007

Neil Gaiman has since enriched popular culture with such game-changig works as Sandman, American Gods and The Graveyard Book. He has contributed to both movies and television series (most notably, of course, the Stardust movie, Neverwhere and Babylon 5’s The Day of the Dead).

I have also not given up hope of seein Death: The High Cost of Living turned into a feature film.

So today, the community raises their glasses and toasts Neil Gaiman. May he be with us for a very long time!