Steampunk on Tumblr and The Dark Side

This entry has a light side and a dark side and both concern readers’ feedback. I have on a number of occasions mentioned wonderful people who write to me, send links, share their ideas and make writing this blog a lot more fun.

The latest two of these are Sarah and Phil, who have suggested items for publication. In Sarah’s case it was

Doctor Monocle, an excellent and quite extensive Steampunk blog on Tumblr.

This images is brought to you courtesy of Dr. Monocle:

Bananas versus giant robot

Actually, there are a number of very recommendable Steampunk blogs floating around on Tumblr:

Ætherfunde (the Tumblr of Clockworker)

My Ear-Trumpet (not exclusively Steampunk but very good and very frequently updated)

Morluna’s Tumblr (she’s an icon of the Steampunk scene)

and my last suggestion:

Dystopian Treasures

I also have a minor blog on Tumblr. But it is not updated that often. Try to find it!
There are quite a few more intersting Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Vintage and Retro blogs on Tumblr. Just go and seek them out. The joy of discovery shall not be spoiled by me!

Now on to Phil. Phil is a writer, filmmaker and teacher and has come up with a very creative idea for breaking through the feared writer’s block:

Nifty! I cannot say I ever suffered from writer’s block, what I am suffering from is a lack of time. So Phil, if you come up with a deck of cards that gives you extra hours for each day, drop me a line. I would in all probability come to Britain to fetch it.

And finally, the dark side:

Apart from all the nice æthermails, I am also receiving quite a lot of spam, mostly comment spam but also æthermails… In particular, I seem to be getting more and more extremely flattering emails about how “awesome” (that word gets used extremely frequently in those æthermails) my blog is. After a few sentences of flattering, the topic changes to this “awesome” web-shop where the author of the æthermail gets all their Steampunk supplies and so on… And could I feature this “awesome” shop on my blog.

Yes, I can but I usually do not.

Why? I look into these shops and most of the time the contact æthermail of the shop is identical to the one that sent the note to me…

Keep it real! If you want me to feature your store (usually on etsy, a site I do not really visit), tell me so. But do not pretend to be a satisfied customer. Apart from blogging, I have a dayjob. I work in online marketing. I am sensitive to bad social media marketing such as faked enthusiatsic emails.

Coming up next (hopefully) a review of the Riese: Kingdom Falling iPhone Game.