Steampunk on Etsy

Well, a few posts ago I was talking about all the æthermails I receive inviting me to check out one shop or the other on Etsy, a site I do not really visit.

So, after some thought I went over and looked into it. I was not looking for Steampunk gear and accessories in particular, just wanted to get a general impression. All of you who know what Etsy is probably know that it is a big place. You can find all kinds of stuff there, not only Steampunk related. I looked around for furniture, lamps, ties, accessories in general.

And of course: Cthulhu Mythos paraphernalia!

I was not disappointed. All these things are there. What I found a bit shocking was, occasionally, the price-tag. I have made Steampunk cuff links myself and I would not think I would charge 20 € or 25 $ for it… But anyway, there are some pieces I found and think are interesting and/or particularly beautiful. I have also linked the respective shop to the image, in case you want to check it out and find out a little bit more. Coincidentally, one of the shops actually is Steampunk Couture, it seems you can go nowhere with regards to Steampunk without encountering Kato…

So here are some of my finds:

Cufflinks by ArtifactsNRelics

Cthulhu Bottle by Steampunk Courture

and my favourite:

Nautikal Cufflinks by Cosmic Firefly

But this is just a small sample and you can discover a lot more. So maybe you find something that strikes your fancy and I continue making my own gear in a very limited way.