Vintage Cars for Kids

This was truely a lucky find. I was just browsing the ætherweb in general and came across a blog which featured an article about something wonderful:

A Vintage Car for Kids!

Baghera Vintage Car

The cap and goggles are actual equipment provided by the company. Yes, once again it is all about add-on selling. It is really sad, some of the credit I give the company, Baghera of France, is already burned again by the fact that all the little add-ons have to be purchased seperately. They coul at least have included a horn. Oh well. Money makes the world go around…

In any case, the product range is imprssive, I am especially delighted by the planes they offer, such as this one:

Baghera Plane

Well, let us see if my offspring shows any interest in those cars and planes. If a plane it will be, it is getting a red paint-job for obvious reasons.

And speaking of red paint-jobs, there is also a vintage fire truck available:

Baghera Fire Truck

It will be at least another eighteen months until these toys are of any use in my home, but who knows… But then again, I should not try and force my tastes upon my child. I know enough parents who tried with varying degrees of success and force.

In any case, mabe I have given some of you an idea for a Yuletide/Yithmas present.

Now I shall go, grab my hunting-rifle and go out there in the snow. You never know, maybe I will actually encounter a wooly rhino…

Wooly Rhinoceros by Mauricio Anton

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