I long for the Golden Age of Travel

The 1920’s and 1930’s are widely regarded as The Golden Age of Travel. It was the time of the Orient Express and the great transatlantic passenger lines. It was also the time the plane became a viable method of transport and it was the time of the Zeppelins.

In any case, travelling had the taste of adventure. Those days are in the past now, lomg gone. When I think of trains these days, the images I get in my head look nothing like these two:

A Steam Train as an advertisement for a transatlantic line

Today, thinking of trains has nothing to do with the Age of Steam, the times of Steampunk and later Dieselpunk, no. As an unfortunate resident in Germany, travelling, or in my case, commuting by train looks something like this:

Completely overcrowded trains

Yes, the Deutsche Bahn is completely incapable of tackling winter. But it is not fair, now, is it? Every year around the same time, it suddenly and unexpectedly gets cold and snowy. Every year the same surprise… And who could still run on time and not have trains breaking down under these circumstances anyway?

Well, JR(ジェイアール), is a good example for several rail companies who manage…

So, right now I have to struggle with the incompetence of the Bundesbahn in tackling winter conditions, even though they have been around for millions of years before the Deutsche Bahn first appeared. Just this week, I needed two and a half hours to get home, usually it takes 40 minutes.

You may have guessed, this is the reason why this blog has not been updated that often recently. Due to cancelled trains and the other trains thus being overcrowded and often delayed, I am too stressed out to get a lot of blogging done… And in any case, I rather spend the precious little time that remains of those days with my family.

So, the Golden Age of Travel has past, now we are in the Age of Abyssmal Commuting, it seems.