The Gearheart – The Epic continues

Alex White is at it again!

Here is the first episode of Maiden Flight of the Avenger, a prequel to The Gearheart:

Click here to download an .mp3 of The Gearheart Podcast!

The bad thing is, when I first discovered The Gearheart, it was already complete. I could simply download every episode in one go. Now I have to wait a week for the next episode to come out and I am already sitting at the edge of my seat with excitement.

But: One more thing to look foreward to every week. Lets see how Augustsus and Isabelle get out of this one…

Oh, and before I forget it:

The complete soundtrack of Maiden Flight of the Avenger is already available on iTunes and other sites for download. All original work by Alex and the same quality we know from the original Gearheart:

So, if you need some excitement over the holidays, listen to Episode 1 of Maiden Flight of the Avenger and let yourselves be drawn into the strange and wonderful world of The Gearheart.