Review: American Pickers, Season 1 and Raffle!

After first hearing of American Pickers and doing a little piece about it on the blog, I got my hands on the first season. It is a real shame I can only watch this series on DVD since it is otherwise not available for me. I cannot watch it online due to geographical limitations and TV is out of the question for lack of one.

Anyway, I am now the happy owner of the first season of American Pickers. As I already pointed out when I first talked about Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, I want their job. Now, after watching the first season, I want it even more.

The entire season is so much fun to watch. It is not only the fact that Mike, Frank and Danielle are such cool people and what they are doing for a living is a Steampunk’s dream, it goes far deeper.

Behind every piece they find, there is a story, like this rusty bicycle:

It is also the people they meet. They get to meet real people. People who do not have to make sure they show a certain facette to the camera and hide the rest of their personality. The people Frank and Mike visit are salt of the earth. They are the people in your neighbourhood, everybody knows people like them. This makes American Pickers a show that is so close to you and me. If we would be living in Mike and Franks area, they could come round our houses one day, it is that real. And it makes it really easy to get into and love this series.

Another thing I really love about American Pickers is the Joy of the Hunt. The protagonists really manage to bring their enthusiasm for their job and their love for hunting down unique pieces in junkyards across and infect the viewer with it. I am sure a lot of people who have watched American Pickers agree with me here. The excellent ratings have to come from somewhere.

On a number of occasions I went “Wow!” and “Awesome!” or “How great is that!” when the two found a particular great piece or place (like the WW2 Katana or the complete vintage car park). And, the show provides info-snippets to the most interesting pieces found in each episode. Some quite fascinating facts and factlettes were among these. Excellent!

I cannot even say which of the episodes I like best. Every single one is obviously unique and features great people with great collections and great discoveries.

I felt a bit bad for Danielle, though, when the guys were mad at her after a bad day and bad leads. Well, it all worked out again in the end.

And speaking of Danielle:

Danielle from American Pickers

She has quite a history and backstory that will be featured in a seperate article on a later date. A very Steampunk/Dieselpunk backstory in deed.

So, Amercian Pickers, Season 1 is an excellent piece of educating entertainment, a feast for the eyes and a continues every-day adventure story.

This is only the second time I award the full reinforced squadron, but American Pickers gets ten out of ten Zeppelins!

I leave you with a loose quote by Frank:

Invisible pumps are really hard to find!

And now for the Raffle

I have one more copy of American Pickers, Season 1 to give away. If you want it to be yours, drop me a line, either on this blog as a comment or email me. I will draw the lucky winner out of all the people who have contacted me until January 31st.

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