Gatehouse Gazette Issue 16: It's a Weird West

The first issue of the Gatehouse Gazette in 2011 is out and what a remarkable issue it is. This issues theme is “Weird West” and the cover alone puts you in the mood. Pulp Western, excellent! I have to commend Nick on the whole layout and feel of this issue. The pulp magazine style runs through the issue, including old and fitting adverts for whiskey and cigarettes.

Also: This issue is in colour! The Gatehouse Gazette is evolving!
It is a real shame time constraints are keeping me from contributing, but a certain someone needs attention after all.

Of particular interest to me were the essays on The Great Airship Scare and Oscar Wilde’s impressions on the Old West. But see and read for yourselves, here is the newest issue of the Gatehouse Gazette, enjoy!

Cover of Gatehouse Gazette 16