Epic Win Dieselpunk Lego

Lego is such an awesome toyline. You may remember my previous happy ramblings about the inherent steampunkness of Lego. Well, there are also some rather epic Dieselpunk constructions out there.

During one of my excursions into the realm of conspiracies, I happened upon an image which instantly filled my heart with delight. Since I am a father, I also have a valid reason for visiting a local toy shop and get some Lego.

But enough of my musings, here is my find:

The Lego Reichsflugscheibe – Very Dieselpunk

A Lego Nazi Flying Saucer, A.K.A. Reichsflugscheibe

It is a real shame some unpleasant people out there think there actually was something behind Neu Schwabenland and this whole Vril thing… All they do is spoil the fun for the rest of us, who just think the technological dream behind it all is way cool.

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