H.G. Wells Time Machine: The Steampunk Project

In 1960, the first time machine movie was released, I love that movie, always have. To this day, it remains my favourite adaption of H.G. Wells’ classic tale. Then in 2002 another adaption hit the silver screen. Looking back now, I was fortunate enough not to spend money on seeing it in the cinema. I more or less accidentaly watched it when it was on TV one evening. I consider it a horrible, attrocious mutilation of Wells’ work.

Somewhere in between the 1950’s adaption and the abomnable one, there was also a musical (I heard). I do not like musicals, I have not seen it and I will not judge it. I guess I would not enjoy it at all.

Now, someone has promised to turn the original tale into a feature film. This movie will include every single detail mentioned in the novel. Once again, it is a project in need of our support.
But let the producer and director explain it:

So, Steampunks, band together. I was sadened when Londinium fell through and I sincerely hope we can make The time machine work.

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