Steampunk is Sexy

I guess I am telling you nothing new when I state:

Steampunk is Sexy

Apart from all the sharp-dressed people, the bodices, uniforms, high boots and other elements you can also get in other contexts, Steampunk has its very own and unique appeal.

And then there are occasions when I find some real steamy stuff while sojourning on the Ætherweb – Warning! NSFW!

I actually do not know who is responsible for this photograhic art. I do not intend any copyright-infringement and will gladly give the artists full credit if someone points them out to me. I will also link to their sites.

To be more precise: I do not know the artists behind the first and second image. The one on the right is obvioulsy by the famed artist Lithium Picnic, I did not get it from his site, though.

Lithium Picnic’s site is worth more than one visit but viewers caution is advised. The majority of the images are not safe for work and quite a few deal with fetish-related topics.

In any case: Those three photographs make the point (and headline) of this post quite clear.